Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Most corporations, schools, and/or internet cafés are blocking popular websites such as, social networks, gaming and/or torrent sites. The biggest reason is because if you’re at work, you’ll probably spend more time checking out your Myspace or Facebook account rather then actually working. Although you may hear a lot of other reasons, like privacy matters and so on, it all basically boils down to them not wanting you to waste their time.
With that said, the internet loophole for remedying such a situation like this one, is by utilizing an anonymous web-based proxy program. An anonymous web proxy (CGI proxy, HTTP proxy) is designed to bypass proxy restrictions through a web interface, such as your browser. Web proxies hide users identity from the sites they visit, keep cookies at their site, and delete them after each session and selectively remove JavaScript, Java, etc. The server then communicates with the webpage, then communicates with visitor browser. This allows for you to surf the websites you want from virtually anywhere, without the hassle of being blocked.

Below you’ll find a list of proxy sites for your convenience, all you have to do is click on one of them, and once you’re there, just type in to the search box the website you want to visit. Nothing else to it, basically it’s simply browsing a website through another website. Now, there’s allows a chance that you might get caught by your boss, so use the list wisely my young padawan, and at your own risk.

Most Popular Top 30 Proxy Websites
1. proxify.com (13,587)
2. p-r-o-x-y.com (13,100)
3. unblockall.net (11,784)
4. stopthatblock.com (11,200)
5. surf-ip.com (10,966)
6. waythru.com (10,610)
7. beatfiltering.com (10,518)
8. bytego.info (9,347)
9. razorproxy.com (7,426)
10. sureproxy.com (7,162)
11. proxify.co.uk (5,148)
12. proxy.tc (5,061)
13. vtunnel.com (4,726)
14. virtual-browser.com (4,276)
15. btunnel.com (4,271)
16. polysolve.com (4,173)
17. ultracloak.info (4,163)
18. selfhide.info (3,871)
19. adminproof.com (3,002)
20. proxhe.info (1,926)
21. hidemyface.net (1,498)
22. surf-anonymous.org (1,464)
23. letsbunk.com (1,398)
24. advanceproxy.com (1,383)
25. thenewproxy.com (1,364)
26. gyub.com (1,345)
27. privacynest.com (1,293)
28. proxyme.us (1,287)
29. surrogafy.com (1,274)
30. myspaceproxy007.com (1,210)
If you’re not quite satisfied with a measly top 30 list, then click here for a list of over 3,000 proxy sites to choose from, and for more information about online privacy and anonymity, enjoy. ^_^


  1. hi.. how can i hack my college wifi if ultrasurf is blocked........pls help!

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  3. not enough to hack the restricted sites

  4. even after trying all these sites, i couldnt hack my wifi..please help me urgently..please give a solution so that i get all the access..

  5. my college have 2 firewalls sonicwall and fortigaurd, for bypassing them i use pd-proxy . it is the best among the other choices which works on only one firewall listed above.

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